New Website Update!

I have decided that keeping two websites updated is extremely stressful. Therefore, EVERYTHING is being moved to my new website (link below). This blog site will be shut down at the end of the month.  Here is a quick video about my new site. I know the pictures went fast in the video, here are the stills. What I do How to contact me My work Me My Reviews This has been a very rewarding experience, and I hope you will subscribe to my website and newsletter for sneak peeks and special information. My Twitter presence is growing, I hope you join me there. @Delong252L Here are all my contact links. I hope to hear from you. Thank you for reading my stories. FaceBook : Twitter : @Delong252L Email : 4💜 FBpage : Website:    

Free Sample

    Hi, I'm Lynn, and I just wanted to say 'Welcome' to my blog.   This is my experiment in futuristic comedy. Here is the beginning of Free Sample. Free Sample ~Chapter 1~  " Are you tired of your blah personality? Don't you wish you could be someone else for a change? Try our all new device StarLife . It's time to let your life shine ." The T.V. blares as I wait for my show to return.   I am about to mute the volume when I pause and think. "StarLife" I mutter aloud, "I wonder what they mean, ' be someone else '. My brows furrow, and my head cocks to the side as I think. I grab my phone, and search for StarLife. The very same ad that just finished on the TV is the first result. I click on the link without hesitation. A professional looking web page opens, and the first section is full of user testimonies. I scroll down, skimming reviews as I go. Lower on the site, I find a list of all the traits this product can evoke in a person. A